Disaster Response

Getting services restored and getting people back home faster.

When disaster strikes, fast action and communication are key. Earth quakes, fires, floods and more can lead to destroyed land, buildings and infrastructure which can makes it difficult for crews to help people and restore utilities.

Using technologies such as satellites, drones, mobile phones and AI, emergency crews, insurance companies, restoration teams and home owners can use 3D map data to assess, measure and understand conditions. This is the first step in restoration efforts. 

Whether it’s measuring burn area, inspecting powerlines, or examining the status of structures, MetaGeo offers a way to host, share and collaborate on disaster maps.


We make METAGEO available for search and rescue teams, and universities for free.

We built this software because of how hard it was to share data during a search and rescue. We to give families the best chance of seeing a loved one again, or getting home as fast as possible. We have a free version for volunteer search and rescue teams, nonprofits, and universities that are responding to missing persons or disaster events, along with additional support.