With MetaGeo, energy companies can efficiently host, share and collaborate on location based data such as inspection imagery, maps, 3D models. This enables multiple teams to be able to worth together in the planning, monitoring, maintenance / inspection of land, facilities, and inspection.

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Site Planning and Design

The platform provides your planning and design teams with the ability to upload and share their previously collected LiDAR, photogrammetry, and imagery, combined with CAD drawings to efficiently communicate with other teams, without the need to have additional CAD licenses. This also allows for documentation before and after construction.

Asset Inspection and Maintenance

Asset inspection teams can load aerial inspection photos, 360s, and 3D scans of energy facilities, such as power plants, substations, and transmission lines, and make annotations on photos to identify issues and optimize asset performance.

Environmental Monitoring

By collecting datasets over time, data such as imagery, maps, and scans, can be combined to assess impacts to the environment. Additionally, IoT sensors including water, chemical (methane), thermal abd other stationary cameras can be integrated to further understand changes to facilitate sustainable practices.

Safety and Security

Enhance safety and security through near real-time surveillance of energy infrastructure, including monitoring access, parking lot utilization, detecting hazards such as construction near pipelines and other equipment, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Solar Inspection

Leverage the capabilities of MetaGeo to optimize your solar energy operations. Our inspection solutions offer comprehensive assessments of solar panel installations, enabling detection of issues such as panel damage, debris accumulation, or shading. With MetaGeo, you can ensure peak performance and maximize energy output from your solar assets while harnessing traditional aircraft, drone, satellite and ground based technology.

Wind Inspection

Enhance your wind energy projects with MetaGeo's with in-depth evaluations of wind turbines, rotor blades, and tower structures, enabling early detection of defects, erosion, or wear. By harnessing the power of MetaGeo, you can reduce downtime, bolster safety measures, and extend the lifespan of your wind assets.

Oil and Gas Inspection

Elevate your oil and gas operations with MetaGeo's advanced software solutions tailored for comprehensive inspections. Our platform offers invaluable insights into changes in condition of assets such as pipelines, refineries, and drilling sites, facilitating proactive identification of leaks, corrosion, or equipment malfunctions. By harnessing MetaGeo's capabilities, you can optimize maintenance schedules, mitigate risks, and safeguard the integrity of your oil and gas infrastructure with precision and efficiency.

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