Our mission is to break down barriers to access, harness location based data, and seamlessly integrate it with future metaverse platforms and AR/VR experiences.

Our story began with the search for a lost 1 year old boy, who was swept away by a Rogue wave. In the search our CEO, Paul Spaur, utilized airplanes, helicopters, drones, AI and map technology to aid in the search. 

It became rapidly apparent that sharing large volumes of data quickly was nearly impossible, and existing map tools were too complicated to learn quickly. METAGEO has been built to serve these needs.


Paul Spaur, CEO

10 years in the geospatial industry Ex. Manager/Director at Intel, Pix4D (Parrot), Cal State
Ex. Flight Paramedic Emmy Award Nominee

Tim Holcombe, CTO

Full Stack Software Engineer
Ex. Spaur Group, Pix4D (Parrot), Cal State.

Matt Brooks, Technical Advisor

EE/Software Security Engineer
Ex. Lockheed