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What is MetaGeo?

MetaGeo is an easy to use 3D Geospatial Data Storage and communication collaboration system. Using MetaGeo solves many problems at every level of the construction and engineering decision tree. 

How does it work?

Take data from multiple different sensors, process and perform quality assurance in your favorite software, and then upload to MetaGeo to share and leverage your data.







Real-time Common Operating Picture

Using MetaGeo ensures that top executives, external stakeholders, customers, project managers, and field workers are all operating off the same picture.  Different data sets and formats can be geo-synchronized to allow a filterable comprehensible assessment of ground truth. 

Sharing Large Data Sets

With MetaGeo’s proprietary data tiling technology, large data sets can be uploaded and shared on practically any device.  Mobile, laptop, server, desktop meaning your data can be collected and viewed on a wide range of devices and locations.  

Security and Visualizing before Purchase

If you are a data collector like a aerial mapper, road scanner, etc.  one of the most frustrating industry standards is to deliver data for inspection and not be paid for month.  With MetaGeo provide a link to allow your customer to inspect and view, but prevent the data from being used before purchase.

Affordable Analytics

You don’t need a lot of expensive software to view geospatial data. MetaGeo has visual engines to see most data type.


MetaGeo allows a wide range of workflows to meet your needs.


Import processed ground, cellphone, 360, robots, UAS/UAV drones and aerial imagery, point clouds and mesh. View your data combined into one 3D world.

Mobile Mapping

Share detailed mobile mapping point cloud and image data into valuable insights. Visualize the comprehensive data from mobile mapping systems, CAD renderings, measurement, classification, and segmentation to enhanced analysis and decision-making .

Lidar Display

Upload processed and georeferenced LiDAR datasets and display classification, adjust color by altitude, and combine with multiple scans.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Bring designs, survey and monitoring data together in one visualization tool. Use the change detection tool to catch trends and defects over time.


Upload inspection photos, mobile lidar, 360’s, and drone maps, and analyze the data over time, all in one place.


Combine datasets and display models above and below the ground.

Platform Flexibility

Say goodbye to special hardware. Access MetaGeo from anywhere on any device.


Data Integration

Bring in all your data. GNSS, images, 360 images, vectors, rasters, point clouds, and 3D models, from UAV, mobile, LiDAR, Matterport and more.

Cross Platform

import your data from ESRI, QGIS and more via Web Map Servers ( WMS ).


Interact in near real time from the field and the office, by being able to upload and download from Ground Control Stations ( GCS ) and mobile devices.

Data Hosting

Load data from multiple sources, and be able to host all of it in one platform, whether using geographic position, or external web URLs.

Subscription Plans

Our plans offer the adaptability you need, regardless of your organization’s size. With lower initial costs, our subscriptions allow you to scale and adapt your licenses as required, ensuring you’re always up-to-date with the latest software enhancements. Select the option that aligns with your needs or explore our enterprise solutions for broader licensing options.

Industries and Use Cases

MetaGeo enhances workflows and data sharing, delivering high-value outcomes for a worldwide and varied user base through high-quality, efficient processes

Use Cases

MetaGeo elevates data to actionable intelligence, leveraging cutting-edge, dependable precision technology tailored for diverse user needs.


Explore the transformative power of MetaGeo and unveil how it can address the intricate challenges within your industry, opening doors to smarter, more efficient ways of working. Be inspired by the potential to innovate and streamline your processes

MetaGeo is Data Agnostic.

Tired of proprietary data formats? Our platform is designed to work with all standard data formats.

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