We're revolutionizing sharing 3D map / scan data from any source, on any device.

We’re building the future of 3D map hosting, sharing and collaboration.

There are 4 problems with 3D map data:

  • It’s hard to find, and expensive to acquire.

  • It’s hard to combine data from multiple sources.

  • Hosting large datasets is hard due to size and compute power.

  • GIS and CAD software is hard to use.

Open data is something we’re passionate about.

We’re building libraries of open map data to easily reference your own data. Whether it be city level LiDAR scans, satellite analytics, or crowdsourced imagery, we want to bring better access to open source geographic information. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) is opening new avenues for map data.

One of our goals is to break down barriers to visualizing and leveraging map data in AR/VR. From doing virtual site tours, to drawing, measuring and leveraging map data.