Construction site monitoring and planning made easy.

METAGEO gives your organization a way to easily plan, share and collaborate on construction and maintenace projects. 

Whether you only need to manage preconstruction, periodic or most construction imagery and video, METAGEO gives you the ability to view the imagery on a map over time.

For progress monitoring of construction sites, you can upload periodically captured drone maps, 3D models, and more, so you can have documentation of the exact conditions of a site, and share it with anyone who needs to see it, from those in the C suite, or boots on the ground, the data is easily sharable on any device.

METAGEO combines and shares CAD and GIS data, it allows you to host, visualize and collaborate on images, 2D maps and 3D models.


It’s difficult to manage several types of 3D map data and show it in one place on earth. Our platform allows you to simultaneously view, edit and annotate inspection images, 360 images, orthophotos, point clouds, 3D models, vectors (contours) and more. The data can be from a drone, mobile phone, or any source.

The platform enables you to easily view and share multiple types of location based data, and monitor conditions over time. It also gives you the tools to make markups on maps, inspection photos, measurements,  and share via link, or private password protected account.


Easy to use tools don’t require a team of experts:

  • Simple measurement tools
  • The platform deosn’t require a license for each different file type, saving money
  • Rapidly view multiple datasets and share to any device