METAGEO is bridging the gap between the real world, AR/VR and the Metaverse.

METAGEO allows you to combine different types of 2D/3D maps, models, digital twins and location based data into a single digital world. It is a cloud based platform which allows you to view data across desktop computers, mobile devices, and in VR/AR. It solves the problems of sharing mutliple and large datasets aross organizations. We’re building a way to connect this data to the metaverse, and other platforms.

Upload your location based data

Digital Elevation Models (DEM): DSM and DTM elevation models. 2.5D maps which show elevation.

Photogrammetry and LiDAR Point Clouds: 3D scans above / under ground from laser scanners, drones, self driving cars, iPhones and other devices.

3D Mesh Models and Buidings: 3D models created from reality capture technology and photogrammetry.

Images: photos with a GPS location are placed on the earth, giving context to where they were taken.

Vectors: Google Earth KML / KMZs and GIS shape files. This includes things like contour lines, fire analytics, IoT sensors and more. Points, paths and polygons can be uploaded and created.

Orthomosaics and Rasters: composite images from aircraft, combined to create a 2D map. Large maps and multiple layers are no problem.

Draw and measure in the 3D world

View your data in VR