How we got here

METAGEOTM was founded by Paul Spaur, CEO of Spaur Group, who has worked the last decade in drone, mapping, VR/AR. He was called to lead drone and data operations on a massive search and rescue operation with 100s of people and dozens of aircraft. During the operation, it began apparent that there was no immediately available platform that could handle and share massive amounts of image, 3D and location based data between search teams.

A development team was assembled, and development started. Paul realized that using map data alone was not intuitive enough to quickly find points of interest in the real world. If it was possible to use Augmented Reality, crews could see points of interest in the real world, which would speed efforts not only for search crews, but for anyone who needed to be able to find critical areas for any industry.

The Vision

To enable people, and organizations to quickly, and easily be able to upload, share and leverage any type of location based and map data in a single virtual world, of which can be streamed to any internet connected device, or AR/VR platform.

Digital Twins are the future of managing areas and facilities.

Smart Cities, and Geospatial Information Systems are the future of managing any type of property, but the data is often hidden, heavy and the system are difficult to use. METAGEOTM solves all of these problems.

Executive Team

Paul, CEO

Tim, CTO

Matt, Head of SW Architecture

"METAGEO is like Google Earth for the upcomming metaverse, it allows my team to collaborate with map data in real time, both in the office on a computer, or in the field with a mobile phone / AR app." - Ryan M.