METAGEO gives unprecedented planning, situational awareness and situational intelligence on emergency and disaster scenes.

·       Load up maps public sources: fire maps, fire roads, buildings, weather and more.

·       Rapidly load and share images and videos of crime, emergency and disaster sites, giving real time information to those who need it.

·       Create maps and plans to help crews in the field understand where to go, where to avoid, and note where assets  are placed, or should be placed.Transportation routes

·       Share and review maps for search and rescue operations.

·       Upload processed maps from aircraft, drone, and/or satellite to update understand current and past conditions.

·       Make measurements such as distance, measure volumes of rubble or material that needs to be moved, and measure areas burned, or still burning.

·       Plan special operations, indicate ingress and egress plans.

·       Load up building plans, and create plans for evacuation, fire attack, and more.