How to upload and view images

Only georeferenced photos will be able to be uploaded to METAGEO, so make sure that the geotagging is turned on for your camera.

For supported cameras, the platform will show the location and orientation of the image. This includes photos from drones, aircraft (airplanes and helicopters), mobile devices such as Android and iPhones, DSLRs with GPS and more. Each camera manufacturer has different ways of specifying the orientation of the photo. If the orientation is not supported, it will be shown as a downward facing image.

To upload images and have them visualized in 3D on a map, there are two main ways: the + button on the top of the layer panel, or the button on a folder.

The + button will upload the images to the last selected folder. You may upload one image, or several at once.

The ⁝ button will upload to whichever folder you click on the button on.

Click here to find what file types METAGEO supports.

Click back on the layers icon to return to your layers.

Once your images have completed loading, double click on the image name to zoom to it. Or click the button and click zoom to if on mobile.

The image fustom (pyramid) will show the direction that the photo was taken, if the camera is supported. The smaller side to the wider side shows the direction the photo was taken.

If you click on the frustom, you will see the the full resolution photo.

If you click on the i button:

You will see all of the image metadata under attributes:

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