How to upload a Reality Capture 3D Mesh

Your Reality Capture project must be georeferenced with a known coordinate system, or it will not work correctly!

We recommend using the Reality Capture Map Wizard to create models that you want to go into METAGEO, or set your coordinate system in the project settings before processing the project.

The best way to load a 3D mesh from Reality Capture is to export a #D Tiles dataset. This will consist of a .json file with a series of folders and tiles. To upload this to METAGEO you must zip these into a .zip file using your preferred tool. In this example we use 7 Zip.

To export your file from Reality Capture, first process, and texture your model to your desired polygon count. When you are happy with the model, click on the SCENE 3D tab, and then under export you will see the Levels of Detail

Make sure that the export is set to Cesium 3D Tiles .json

When you reach the settings screen, the settings highlighted in the red boxes must be exactly as shown:

The other settings can be adjusted for your specific project. Less simplification means larger (slower to load) models. Here are the description of the settings from Reality Capture’s in-app help:

Once you have exported the files, we can then go to the folder they’re located and right click (PC) on the .json and the folder and then under 7 Zip, select Add to “3d”

Once this zip is created, you will then want to rename it to whatever you want the 3D model to show up as in METAGEO, and then upload the file.

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