Creating Points, Paths and Polygons

To create a point, path or polygon (which are collectively known as vectors) first select the folder that you would like it to go in.

, then click the pencil “edit” button on the right hand side of the screen.

Select either the point, path or polygon tool. The 3D button will toggle between drawing in 2D or 3D.

Select the polygon fil color and opacity, and/or the line color and thickness.

If you make a mistake you can use the undo button.

If you do not want to keep the drawing, use the trashcan button to delete.

If you cant to cancel out of the current vector click the x button.

if you are happy with your vector, click the save button, which create your drawing as a new layer.

Once you’re created the layer, you can click on it on the map to open the Info Panel. The panel has categories for viewing and modifying the selected layer.

  • Media – Add photos to your layer.
  • Styles – Change colors and opacity.
  • Attributes – View metadata and area measurement.
  • Links – Attach a URL to this layer, you can also embed Youtube videos.

you can open the attributes category to see all of the metadata, along with the measurements (line/polygon)

Points will be in the default icon, and then you can change them once fully loaded .

Note: it may take a few seconds for a vector to finalize, during the processing period you wont be able to view or adjust the layer styles.

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