Organizations, User Permissions, and Sharing

To create and manage an organization you must have a Personal or above account.

Currently Organizations are the only way to share projects, files and folders on METAGEO.

Organizations are a way for you to manage your team on METAGEO, it allows you to add users, share projects, and set permissions for who can see what.

Creating and Managing an Organization #

Click on the Organization button on the top menu bar. Then select Manage Organization.

Enter in the name of your organization, and write in a description.

Click save and the Organization button on the top menu will change to the name that you provided.

Adding Users to the Organization #

To add new users to your organization, click the “Organization Users” tab

You can click the + button to add a user to your organization. If the email provided is for an existing METAGEO account, the person will be invited, and their projects will then become part of your organization. If they do not have an account, they will be sent an invite email. Each organization user added counts against the total users allowed based on the Organization creator / admin’s account level.

When a user is added to an organization, they do not have any permissions to view projects by default.

Setting User Permissions and Sharing #

Click on the organization button on the top menu bar (this be the name of your organization).

Click on the pencil “edit” button.

Click on the v button to select view, edit download and/or delete, permissions to grant the user access to a project..

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